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Aamsatto or Mango bar (Gopalbhog Mango of Malda) 450 Grams

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Diried Pulp of Mango, sweetened or unsweetened , flattened and made into thin sheets. Its produced in different parts of our country , but the best Amsatto comes from Malda District of West Bengal. This is the Best Amsotto available in India . The pulp here is extracted from " Gopal Bhog ' Mango of Malda wchich is the best Mango . Malda is well known around the Globe for its Mango production. There are different names for Amsatto like Aam papad , Mango sheet etc. . Its a home made product and sold locally. The prices and quality varies. It can be best used with milk allowing it to dissolve properly. It can also be used in making dessert.

Texture : Hard and appears like Flattened Sheet or Bar

Color : Yellow or Golden

Origin : Malda , West Bengal

Mango : Gopal Bhog


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