EBON Supply Chain Consultation

Developing and growing with the EBON Group, EBON Supply Chain Consultation owns a batch of senior experts from the fields such as McKinsey, IBM, Huawei, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management, and SF, and it relies on its abundant practical experience in supply chain management and complete E2E supply chain knowledge structure to accurately master the development front end and development trend of smart supply chain. EBON Supply Chain Consultation focuses on scheme design and implementation, has indepth industry research in the fields such as grand healthcare industry (including medical products, healthcare products, nutritious food, medical devices, and cosmetics), electronics & electrical appliances, fast moving consumer goods, science and technology manufacturing, and E-commerce, conforms to customers’ corporate strategy and development goal, and customizes omni-channel “scheme + implementation” supply chain consultation schemes for the customers.

Product Advantages

  • More professional

    Integrated one-stop innovative solutions

  • More grounded

    Supply chain “scheme + implementation” integrates supply chain solutions

  • More worry-free

    Worry-free outsourcing, products that match with overall solution, scheme, and implementation, as well as customized training.

“Solution+X” customized solution + supporting implementation services

Supply chain optimization scheme: Supply chain solution + logistics

Help you to solve: E2E supply chain solution and logistics implementation

Based on enhancement of the key competency of supply chain, provide customers with E2E customized solutions from customer demand to demand accomplishment, and meanwhile provide outsourcing services for non-core businesses of the customers.

Information optimization scheme: Supply chain solution + process and IT

Help you to settle: A package of supply chain information system solutions and implementation

Provide customers with the overall solutions for basic processes in supply chain software and hardware operations such as overall supply chain design scheme, process combing, IT system implementation, and logistics equipment, laying the foundation for rapid commercial development of the customers.

Supply chain scheme: Supply chain solution + Supply chain finance

Help you to settle: Supply chain operation scheme optimization and trade finance between upstream and downstream enterprises

In the meantime of providing supply chain solutions to customers, solve the long-term and short-term funding issues of upstream and downstream enterprises, provide transaction factoring financing for core enterprises as well as upstream and downstream enterprises on the supply chain, so as to make your supply chain more integrated.

Supply Chain Management in Omni-channel    Mode Big Data Drives Integration of Benefits

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Planning

    • · Supply chain strategy consultation

    • · Integrated supply chain construction

    • · Establishment of smart supply chain

    • · Establishment of visual supply chain

  • Overall Planning Management

    • · Sales plan and forecast

    • · Sales plan and forecast

    • · S&OP

    • · CPFR

  • Procurement 4.0

    • · Strategic procurement management

    • · Procurement process design and optimization

    • · Supplier management and strategic procurement

    • · Procurement supplier and performance management

    • · Supplier market analysis

    • · Procurement cost management

  • Manufacturing management

    • · Intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0

    • · Lean production

    • · Overall quality control

    • · Supply chain manufacturing system design

    • · Multi-base manufacturing system coordination

    • · Supply chain production capacity optimization

  • Logistics Management

    • · Logistics network layout and planning

    • · Overall inventory management

    • · Logistics warehousing informatization construction

    • · VMI and JIT application

    • · CPFR

  • Supply Chain Business Process

    • · Value chain of supply chain

    • · Process layering and grading

    • · Business process combing

    • · Process re-engineering

    • · Enterprise process management

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