EBON Supply Chain

EBON supply chain focuses on enterprises pain points and requirements and provide customers with lean supply chain operations with integrated warehousing and distribution.Its business network covers all county-level cities and towns, and provides services to end customers of more than 90% township-level villages and towns in the country.

Standard Products and Value-added Services

Basic Services

  • Commodity Handling

  • Inspection and Warehouse-in

  • Storage Management

  • Packing List Allocation

  • Commodity Sorting

  • Re-check Verification

  • Warehouse-out and Dispatching

  • Distribution and Delivery

Operation-type Value-added Services

  • Product Labeling\Assembling\Unpacking

  • Packing Replacement\Special Packing

  • Commodity Target Tracking

  • Returned Commodity

  • Acceptance Inspection Consumables

  • Purchasing Agent Delivery to Door

  • Insurance Purchasing

  • Agency Reverse

  • Agency Reverse

  • Visit International Transport

Data-type Value-added Services

  • Expiry Date Management

  • Insurance Purchasing Agency

  • Circulation Analysis

  • Inventory Aging Analysis

  • Order Combination and Splitting Successful

  • Delivery Analysis

  • Transit Time Analysis

  • Telephone Interview

  • Import and Export Customs Declaration

Core Products

E-share Warehouse

  • VMI Trusted Warehouse

  • Super Integrated Warehouse

  • AI Intelligently Shared Warehouse

  • Smart Shared Warehouse

  • Easy Overseas Warehouse

E-speed Distribution Learn

  • 定制配


  • 即日配



  • 定时达



  • 跨境通


Industry Solutions

Industry Pain Points

  • Pain point I

    Global procurement production strategy,
    unsound cross-border distribution network

  • Pain point II

    Separated online and offline inventory,
    complicated logistics pattern

  • Pain point III

    Inventory of multiple online platforms and scattered distribution network

  • Pain point 4

    Difficult to manage all levels of inventory for the sales channels,
    high inventory pressure of dealers


  • Highlight I

    Domestic and overseas cross-border warehousing and distribution

  • Highlight II

    Online and offline inventory integration

  • Highlight III

    Multi-channel shared warehousing and distribution



  • Industry Solutions II
  • Industry Solutions III
  • Industry Solutions 4
  • Industry Solutions 5
  • Industry Solutions 6
  • 优化全球供应链的保健品/健康食品行业解决方案


  • 基于智能仓配的全球一站式化妆品行业解决方案


  • 专注于构建全国销售网络的化妆品行业解决方案


  • 线上线下融合一盘货的新零售行业解决方案


  • 基于供应链协同管理的制造行业解决方案


Warehouse Resource

Nation-wide coverage of warehouse network
  • Nearly 50 operations center nation-wide
  • Warehouse space of 500,000+m²
  • Network containing 10,000+ main lines and branch lines
  • Cover 23+ provinces and municipalities
  • Daily order processing capacity of 40,000+ orders

Other Services