Specialized on supply chain finance, Primelink integrates advanced science and technology and innovatively applies the science and technology into industry scenarios, uses technologies to link finance and industry, provides a package of supply chain finance integrated solutions for both industry and finance, realizes positive development of trinity of “finance + technology + industry”, creates values for multiple parties, and supports development of the real economy.

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Product Services

Link Sheet Business

The distributed ledgers which are based on block chains take credit as the core and bond as the carrier to record enterprises’ behavior in keeping promises.
The smart contract based on block chains can cooperate with banks on managed accounts to realize future cash flow management, assisting small- and medium-sized enterprises in financing.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Financing products with which suppliers conduct financing based on the accounts receivable that are formed owing to the real trade between the suppliers and core enterprises.

Movables Mortgage Financing

“Loanable upon warehouse-in”, that is, by monitoring the quantity of commodities in stock, prices, circulation trend, and sales forecast, calculate credit and water level in real time to satisfy the financing requirements of the enterprises.

Purchase Financing

Aiming at the downstream dealers of core enterprises, it is a pure credit loan product provided based on the real trade orders between dealers and core enterprises of the sellers. Based on EBON’s industry experience in supply chain management and its big data application capability, the product comprehensively satisfies dealers’ short, adaptable and fast fund demand in the commodity procurement segment.

Asset Securitization

Core enterprises need only register on the platform and issue the payment vouchers supported by the block chain technologies. Core enterprises invite suppliers to receive payment vouchers, the factor transfers suppliers’ receivable obligatory right (payment vouchers), and the factor coordinates with strategic partners to conduct asset securitization.

Cooperation Partner